Powersoft’s Mezzo series brings new life to Abercrombie Hotel

Powersoft’s Mezzo series brings new life to Abercrombie Hotel
The Abercrombie Hotel in Sydney, Australia, has taken full advantage of Powersoft’s Mezzo series and Quattrocanali DSP+ platforms.

More than 30 amplifiers were installed across the hotel, with the half-size Mezzo A+ series making its global debut at the reopened hotel.

Distributor, Production Audio Video Technology (PAVT), worked with systems integrator, BeyondAV, for the project, overcoming a difficult acoustic environment which was complicated by the age of the hotel’s property and the presence of new residential buildings surrounding the premises.

Amplification is delivered throughout the hotel, comprising 16 Mezzo 604 A+ and 13 Quattrocanali 1204 DSP+ amplifiers, as well as two X8 amplifiers.

The Powersoft amplifiers are installed in two rack rooms, with all equipment fitting into a single rack at each location, alongside Netgear AV switches.

For the outside areas, PAVT specified a combination of AtlaslED’s SM82 range with EAW subwoofers (SB120/150 WP) and a Function One EVO X system in the main room.

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