Powersoft sound system adds atmosphere to UAE beach resort

Powersoft sound system adds atmosphere to UAE beach resort
Powersoft’s fixed-installation amplifiers and Dynamic Music Distribution system are used to improve the audio experience at a newly refurbished beachfront venue.

Located at Umm Al Quwain Beach Hotel & Resort, UAE, this beachfront resort boasts seafront cocktails, gourment food and speciality shisha, requiring a soothing yet powerful sound system to bring visitors into a relaxed state of mind.

The venue required an upgrade to its beachfront DJ area, employing Pro Lab to design a new house system that would provide an audio backbone for both daily use and the club’s roster of live events.

Pro Lab specified Duecanali and Quattrocanali amplifiers, combined with Martin Audio CDD8, CDD12 and CDD15 loudspeakers, supported by SX118 subwoofers.

The installation also used Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution system, allowing for the scaling of up to four independent zones using dynamic routing capabilities embedded in the amplifiers.

The amplifiers were located on an outdoor rack in the DJ area, near the dance floor, creating a user-friendly system with a solid atmosphere.

Jan Tarakji, general manager, Pro Lab, commented: “We recommended these models as they work perfectly with the previous set-up,” he says, “and have various pre-sets that match well with the rest of the system, enabling the customer to carry on using their existing speakers.”

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