Powersoft snags a hole-in-one with mini golf install

Powersoft snags a hole-in-one with mini golf install
Powersoft plays a key role at Treetop Adventure Golf, using sound to tell a story to its guests.

Powersoft’s Unica and Mover systems are used to elevate the audio experience at the newly launched minigolf centre in Newcastle, UK. 

Treetop Adventure Golf is known for its immersive mini golf courses, containing two jungle-themed 18-hole courses. One course focuses on the natural world, with the other immersing visitors in an ancient temple structure.

To maintain the illusion of an uninterrupted adventure, Treetop Adventure Golf turned to systems integrator, Full Production, who called on Dan Roncoronito to design an AV system that could function without operator intervention for 14 hours a day, seven days a week.

The golf courses attract hundreds of visitors per day, with a diverse range of visitor demographics; the aim was to ensure that all voice lines are intelligible in all circumstances, balancing the site well while keeping the audio system discreet.

Multiple loudspeakers are hidden at each hole, with each low-level loudspeaker hidden from view of guests. Players trigger audio content by succeeding or failing their putts on each hole, where a continual soundscape runs in the background.

Powersoft Unica 8m amplifier-platforms are used throughout, chosen for their power density on the course. The design relies on every loudspeaker featuring individual amplification, delivering eight channels of amplification with power-sharing in 1U.

Powersoft Cloud remote monitoring enables proactivity with servicing and fault finding without relying on technical staff.

Movers were installed in areas to replicate the sound and feel of a collapsing structure within the ancient temple, enabling discreet installation without ceiling height mounts.

Each course is run from a Mac Mini running QLab, outputting content via Dante through the RME units directly to an amplifier or via TiMax for spatial audio.

The content is triggered via OSC commands from the Pharos lighting system, processing the output from sensors on each golf hole to trigger win, lose or ambient content.

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