Powersoft signs Mennegat as Dutch distributor

Powersoft signs Mennegat as Dutch distributor
Powersoft has signed audio specialist Mennegat Trading as a distributor in the Netherlands with a remit that spans fixed installation and rental.

Stefano Previtali, ESA regional account manager at Powersoft, said: "Mennegat has a very personal approach and the relationship has been rewarding from the start. Yet, the decision to work with Mennegat stems from three main factors. First, the company is focussed on specific brands that complement our rack amplifiers. The positive consequence is a high quality of communication. Mennegat delivers in a fast and professional manner and ensures everything is on hand to support its partners and its brands. 

“Mennegat also invests a lot of time and resource into training, a valuable activity for our advanced platforms in many markets. The final deciding factor is the company’s promotional activity. Mennegat supports an interesting network of regional distributors and this revolutionary approach grants quality and common goals to the entire process.”

Ferdi van den Berg, marketing director at Mennegat, added: “Mennegat is the exclusive distributors of Apart Audio and Community Professional in the Dutch market, and we were looking for an amplifier brand capable of handling high-power applications. The multi-zone installation projects we deal with require flexibility in installation, economic use of power and optimal third-party integration, and Powersoft's Duecanali, Quattrocanali and Ottocanali Series’ meet these specific needs.”

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