Powersoft’s Claudio Lastrucci wins Industry Influencer award at 2020 Inavation Awards

Powersoft’s Claudio Lastrucci wins Industry Influencer award at 2020 Inavation Awards
Powersoft’s co-founder Claudio Lastrucci has won the first ever Industry Influencer award at the 2020 Inavation Awards. The award was created to celebrate an individual who has contributed a huge amount to the AV world. Lastrucci is the mastermind behind the company’s R&D department, and has been a pioneer of Class D amplification.

At a time when all amplifiers were stuck in the analogue era, Lastrucci achieved the previously thought impossible combination of making unstable switched mode power supplies efficient, ultra-high powered and economical by bringing patented technologies to the market, along with green credentials that are now sought after in the modern proAV world.

Lastrucci and his R&D team devised a way in which switch-mode technologies could be applied to high performances audio amplification with unprecedented power-performance ratios. The impact of this technology on the professional sound industry was pivotal, leading to the first stable Class-D amplifier in the industry and eventually active loudspeakers as we know them today. The previous huge, heavy and, generally speaking restricted, amplifiers of yore had been replaced by a solution that was a lot smaller and considerably more powerful.

It is impossible to underestimate the impact that Powersoft has had on the professional sound industry. But, as ever, Claudio credits the entire team for these technological breakthroughs. “What drives a company’s success is not just about having a revolutionary idea but those who contribute to making it real.”

Claudio also praises the other two directors of the company (best friend Antonio Peruch and brother Luca Lastrucci), as well as his father Carlo, a key individual to the company’s success, who had experience with working in large scale industrial telecoms and joined during a particularly expansive period for the company. “He brought structure to the company,” acknowledges Claudio. “The best thing my father taught me is that if you have an idea, follow it, and go with your instinct.”

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