Powersoft InfoComm training carries RU credits

Powersoft InfoComm training carries RU credits
Powersoft will stage training that carries CTS renewal credits at InfoComm 2017, held June 14 to 16 in Orlando, USA.

The session, hosted by Powersoft’s Mark Kocks, will instruct on the design and specification of fixed installation systems using DSP integrated Class D power amplifiers. Attendees will gain 1.5 Renewal Units (RUs) and a Certificate of Completion.

Powersoft, an official InfoComm International Renewal Unit (RU) Provider, will stage “How to Optimize Fixed Install Design Using DSP in Class D Amplifiers,” during the trade show on June 15 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm.

Kocks, business development manager for Powersoft’s Fixed Install division, joined the Powersoft team in 2016 and has more than 20 years’ experience in design, project management, and integration of theatres, sports arenas and theme parks. His academic background also includes education in electronics, acoustics, and electro acoustics.

He will begin the session by guiding attendees through the process of calculating crest factor and a discussion of its relevance in system performance. From there he will focus on the technological capabilities of Powersoft’s Class D amplifiers, including their pulse width modulation output stage, Power Factor Correction, Smart Rails Management, and damping factor and damping control.

A synopsis of the DSP processing featured on Powersoft’s X series and DSP+D amplifiers will follow, touching on internal routing capabilities, filters and equalization, limiters, and live impedance monitoring. The session will culminate in a walk-through of the system design process with the aid of powerful tools designed to optimise system performance.

Powersoft will exhibit on stand 5871.

Attendees can sign up here by navigating to course MT61.

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