Powersoft immerses audience at Las Vegas Sphere

Powersoft immerses audience at Las Vegas Sphere
Powersoft’s amplifier technology has been installed at the Las Vegas MSG Sphere, installing Mover technology to provide infrasound haptics and audio to the venue’s 10,000 haptic seats.

Powersoft’s technology is integrated within the venue’s 10,000 haptic seats, as part of the Sphere Immersive Sound by Holoplot.

The Sphere Immersive Sound system is powered by 167,000 channels of amplification, provided by Powersoft’s 16-channel amplifier systems that are integrated into the venue’s Holoplot X1 audio system.

The Powersoft system aims to reduce energy consumption, using Powersoft’s power factor correction and Class-D pulse width modulation.

Powersoft also provided integrated powered adaptive loudspeaker (IPAL) technology, used in the X1 system’s subwoofers for control of sound system reproduction, regardless of acoustic load and conditions.

2,500 audio channels were also provided for the seats, enabled by 718 Powersoft Quattrocanali amplifiers.

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