Powersoft does the heavy lifting in the Basilica of Regina Pacis

Powersoft does the heavy lifting in the Basilica of Regina Pacis
Powersoft's Quattrocanali system has been installed in the Basilica of Regina Pacis in Brooklyn, New York.

Dedicated in 1951, the Basilica of Regina Pacis is one of two minor basilicas in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, and serves as a spiritual hub for members the parish of St. Rosalia-Regina Pacis. The house-of-worship has all the hallmarks cathedral-style architecture, a long, narrow nave intersected at a right angle by a narrow transept and lined with marble columns bearing a massive arched ceiling.

While the basilica’s architecture have made it a destination for worshippers, reverberant spaces such as this pose challenges for integrators.

When Monte Bros came to upgrade the sound system it installed in 2002, it chose three Powersoft Quattrocanali 1204 amplifier platforms to power all 12 independent zones, over more than 5,000 feet of cable. This upgrade also includes two rows of custom-built speakers designed to blend in with the marble columns on each side of the nave.

The Quattrocanali amplifier platforms employed in the latest Basilica of Regina Pacis system upgrade use Powersoft Smart Rails Management technology, which implements real-time voltage tracking in the power supply to minimise the differences between the output voltage and rails voltage, improving overall efficiency and reducing heat dissipation.

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