Powersoft Deva system braves the elements at Montreal park

Powersoft Deva system braves the elements at Montreal park
The Parc Optimiste in Montreal called on XYZ Technologies to implement an audio system that could meet the needs of the park and community, specifying Powersoft’s Deva PA and entertainment system.

The IP65 rated weatherproof Deva system was selected to withstand local weather conditions at its riverside conditions, using seven Deva units spaced throughout the park to maximise coverage for the park’s grounds. The power from local streetlamps is used to power the Deva units, eliminating the need to dig up the ground to install wires. 

Nicolas Bouchard, Montreal’s head of events, commented: “We needed a reliable product that had the durability to withstand the environment, with the park being next to the river. 

“Powersoft’s Deva, its Audio model more specifically, met all requirements: a robust product with user-friendly software and the capacity to be both an entertainment system and a public safety one. It’s perfect for any event on the grounds, in appearance, flexibility, and in its simplistic control of the system.”

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