Powersoft brings the boom with Mover at Amsterdam nightlife hub

Powersoft brings the boom with Mover at Amsterdam nightlife hub
Powersoft’s transducer, Mover, has been harnessed to bring the beat to a four-dimensional nightlife experience in Amsterdam, allowing visitors to take a dive and the culture of electronic dance music.

The Our House nightclub added a digital storytelling museum to its repertoire, offering a 75-minute journey into the music genre via interactive exhibits, shows and performances. 

The Our House team wanted to rebuild the club with installations that could tell the story of over 40 years of dance music by using mixed technology, putting Powersoft’s Mover at the centre of the experience. The museum now shares the space with a popular nightclub, Club Air. 

Powersoft engineers were brought in to assess the number of required Movers to support the dancefloor structure, installing a double layered flooring to support 100 people and 12 tons of weight. 

The Movers are harnessed for effect in the daytme, aimed at visually connecting to the video content, ramping up the lower frequencies on the downfloor by night to accentuate the music and bassline to the club experience. 

64 Mover linear transducers were installed, powered by four Quattrocanali 4804 DSP+D amplifiers, with the Movers offering attachment options to objects and structures such as the double layered dance floor. 
The double floor consists of one hydraulic surface which can slide up and down by 20cm, with the secondary flooring on top. The secondary flooring has the 64 Movers attached, one to each floor panel, meaning dancers can feel the effect of the Mover wherever a person is standing on the dance floor. 

Systems integrator Lagotronics were brought in to work with Our House to develop the free fall hydraulic floor system which can vibrate and also drop downwards to create a unique experience. 


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