Powerful technology for projection mapping

Powerful technology for projection mapping
Projection mapping is art on a massive scale – the transformation of a familiar object or structure in a way that makes people stop and stare

Great projection mapping projects successfully combine powerful ideas, the right technology, and expertise, paired with flat or complex surfaces and structures, to create a great visual effect. 

All of these elements came together at the Video Projection Festival in Lille, France. For two days in April, artists from around the world projected onto about 20 structures throughout Lille’s city center. Projection mapping transformed the facades of historic buildings, interior architecture, and even an air vent.

Christie was at the festival, working alongside its partner Recontre Audiovisuelles and supporting it with its technical, sales, and marketing expertise and technology, including its RGB pure laser projectors and media servers. Three artists – Julian Hölscher, the duo of Sylvain Pouillart and Jean-Jacques Tachdjian, and Spanish studio V.P.M – transformed the façade of the Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral with whimsical imagery, symbolic visuals, and digital worlds using Christie Griffyn® 4K50-RGB pure laser projection. Christie Griffyn 4K50-RGB is a 50,000 lumen, native 4K projector that weighs only 197 lbs. It’s designed to deliver bright, immersive visuals for large-scale applications.

Stunning visual experiences

Color reproduction, brightness, and image uniformity are just a few of the advantages that RGB pure laser projection has over laser and lamp-based projection systems. At the heart of RGB pure laser projection lies its ability to produce colors with exceptional accuracy and brightness, for the most impactful visual experiences possible.

As the only projection technology that can achieve approximately 98% of Rec. 2020, RGB pure laser blows open the color palette and gives you free rein to bring your vision to life. Rec. 2020 produces 75.8% of all the colors the human eye can see in comparison to DCI-P3’s 53.6% and Rec 709’s 35.9%. In other words, Rec. 2020 offers you more than twice the color of Rec. 709 and 41% more than DCI-P3. 

The Rec. 2020 color space greatly impacts the quality of visual experiences. With its considerably wider color gamut, content is more vibrant, and it makes us perceive the content we see as brighter and with greater contrast. 

RGB pure laser projection technology uses individual red, green, and blue laser diodes to create pure colors. RGB pure laser projection wavelengths, chosen to optimize the delivery of Rec. 2020 color primaries, achieve the full-color gamut for a more expansive color experience.

Dependable, energy-efficient illumination

RGB pure laser projection boasts superior reliability and increases longevity over typical laser projection by 25%. By using solid-state laser light sources, these systems also eliminate lamp replacements, which reduces downtime and maintenance costs. The longevity of laser light sources also ensures consistent performance over time, which makes them ideal for high-usage applications that require sustained brightness and image quality.

When compared to other illumination technologies of the same brightness, RGB pure laser projection has lower power consumption, no filtered light, and no wasted light.

Christie media servers power projection mapping created by students

Thirty international students participated in a four-day workshop hosted by the Video Mapping Festival and sponsored by Christie. During the workshop, students learned about Christie Pandoras Box Software, and how it’s used in conjunction with Christie projection solutions to create exceptional projection mapping experiences. Christie’s Thomas Mrozek and Jerome Grimminck led the training and took students through workflows in the powerful software. By the end of the four-day workshop, the students had produced an original projection mapping work to be shown on the first night of the festival.

The students interpreted the theme of “Dreams and Nightmares” and projected their content onto the façade of the Credit Mutuel Nord Europe with striking visuals. The students used Christie Griffyn® 4K35-RGB 36,500 lumen pure laser projectors paired with Pandoras Box Software to showcase their work.

Christie® Pandoras Box® Software, for real-time video processing and show control, features a simplified workflow and streamlined licensing. One software license has the full Pandoras Box feature suite, delivering the high-level media processing performance required for fixed installations and live events in a budget-friendly platform.

The robust software supports NDI® network streams, offers a comprehensive and deep implementation of Notch, and allows users to access native Dante audio without configuration. The 2D Warper feature, which is integrated with Workspaces in the new Pandoras Box Software Version 8.10, helps users visualize their stage set-up in 2D, with all layers and pixel parameters, and warp content without switching content views. This allows for a more functional and faster workflow.

From RGB pure laser projection to robust media servers for content playback and control, Christie has the powerful tools to create exceptional projection mapping experiences.

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