Power plant goes Supernova

Power plant goes Supernova
As the result of a large format display connecting two 72” dnp Supernova One projection screens and eight monitors, sales staff at the International Power Opatovice power plant in the Czech Republic now have full control over the data they need to manage their business.

The sales control room at the power plant needed a new display system capable of processing large amounts of data quickly, and with different time-spans.

Furthermore, the display system was going to be used in a room which had light flooding in from windows located directly opposite.

Dnp’s partner AV Media, designed a combination of two large and eight small formats, complemented with a flexible switching system, so all active display screens can be combined as needed.

Two data projectors serve the two dnp Supernova One screens, mounted in a single rigid aluminium frame, while the sound can be individually controlled. The system is networked with all the department’s PCs.

International Power Opatovice sales centre staff are delighted with the result, since they can now multi-view. Using the new system, long-term charts are visible on the double screen, while shorter life-span content is continually updated on the eight monitors and can be added to the large display as required.

All PCs are backed up and connected to an external master unit which supervises the data projectors and controls their on/off sequences, simplifying operation and protecting sensitive components.

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