Poster of a loudspeaker kicks out sound

Poster of a loudspeaker kicks out sound
A poster that doubles as a loudspeaker was unveiled by designer Finn Magee at the London Design Festival. The product features flat, flexible loudspeakers from Warwick Audio Technologies, a UK company commercialising loudspeakers that were developed at the University of Warwick. Magee integrated the loudspeakers, which are as thin and lightweight as paper, into the back of the poster, which featured an image of speaker.

The cable that leaves the image becomes a real connection that can plugged into music players.

Magee created the poster as part of his “Flat Life” series, which also includes a working desk lamp and alarm clock in poster formats. The series was launched at Mint Shop, London, as part of the London Design Festival, September 17 to 25, 2011.

“I’d been thinking about adding a loudspeaker to the series and came across Warwick Audio Technologies by chance,” said Magee. “I immediately realised their speakers were perfect for what I had in mind.”

The loudspeakers are between 0.25 and 1mm thick and are tipped for a wide range of applications, including the automotive industry and conference equipment manufacturers.

Derek Mottershead, chairman of Warwick Audio Technologies, said he was delighted the company was involved in the project. “[Magee’s] flat life posters offer a demonstration of some of the unique features of our technology that is both clever and simple.”