Porsche Design studio says 201 display is world's largest TV

Porsche Design studio says 201 display is world
The Porsche Design Studio has joined forces with C Seed Entertainment Systems to develop a 201” LED screen that rises from the ground and unfolds itself in less than 30 seconds. The unit, designed for outdoor use, employs Lighthouse Technologies LED systems and consists of seven interlocking panels that form an 11m² surface.

The HD screen can rotate up to 135 degrees ?to the left or right and can be raised and lowered.

It incorporates more than 700,000 pixels and boasts 5000 nits of brightness with a 6.7mm pixel pitch.

Three 700W subwoofers are housed in the screen’s main column and content is delivered from a multi-source media server.

C SEED Entertainment Systems is part of the Global Bright Group, which supplies outdoor LED screens for professional usage at large concerts and events.