Polycom certification gives AVI-SPL video comms boost in Europe

AVI-SPL will ramp up its activities in the European video communications market after its UK branch secured Polycom certifications for RealPresence Environments and the RealPresence Platform.

JamesShanks, managing director of EMEA, AVI-SPL, said: “The speed in which weachieved this certification is a testament to our ability to apply vastresources and quickly establish ourselves as a leader in any new market weenter.”

DannyRogers, the company’s director of channels for EMEA described the RealPresencePlatform as “an essential component of AVI-SPL’s UnifyME global video managedservice offerings.

“AVI-SPLwill be expanding its video services infrastructure by adding additionalPolycom RealPresence Collaboration servers in the UK as well as deploying Polycom’sCloudAxis in its core,” he added