Polar Beyer sighted at PLASA

AUTHOR: Inavate

POLARaudio was announced to the world at PLASA as the new face of the Beyerdynamic GB team. Managing director John Midgely finished his acquisition of the shares in April of this year and since that point has been advancing his plans to clarify the company’s position in the UK distribution market.

At his PLASA press announcement Midgely spoke of the confusion that could arise with a distributor carrying the name of one of its brands. The announcement reads: “Perception is not always reality, we are no longer a distributor of microphones and headphones only, we are a supplier of intelligent audio solutions adding value to the products, which we supply.”

Speaking at the show Midgely said: ”The real measure of a company is how it reacts when there are problems. We believe that this move puts us in a better position to respond to problems, service our customers and integrate solutions.”