PMA expects 9.5m projector shipments in 2013

PMA expects 9.5m projector shipments in 2013
PMA Research has released its latest quarterly forecast for the world wide projector market, in which it anticipates that total sales will reach 9.5 million units in 2013.

In the 1,000 – 3,999 Lumens segment, PMA has boosted its outlook for ultra-short-throw models based on expected tenders in the Middle East, and it also expects medium-short-throw models to perform will in China.

Solid state projection technology continues to out-perform the overall market. This is largely thanks to several new entrants to the market, but also the arrival of second generation models targeting mid-level price points.

In terms of market segments, there is good news for large venues (excluding d-cinema) which showed 10% growth in 2012. This is expected to continue throughout 2013 as the segment is largely immune from cannibalisation from flat panel displays. Predicted growth in higher education and the corporate sector in the US and Western Europe is also likely to boost the performance in these areas during 2013.

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