Pixel Global AV and Synergy SKY announce partnership

Pixel Global AV and Synergy SKY announce partnership
System integrators Pixel Global AV Limited has announced a partnership with Synergy SKY, a platform agnostic provider of video conferencing software.

The partnership forms part of Pixel Global AV's collaboration strategy and will offer clients the ability to have a fully flexible solution that provides video conferencing on any platform, in any location.

The partnership has been set up to work with Pixel Global AV's offices in the UK, Singapore, India and South Africa initially, with plans for a further global rollout at a later date.

“Pixel Global AV has an extensive range of services and are well known for the quality they deliver, which is exciting to be a part of.  With Pixel Global AV, we look forward to furthering our reach to organisations who require freedom to select the optimal technology setup for their needs, regardless of the existing environment”, says Adele Thornton, Partner Account Manager, Synergy SKY, UK.

The partnership will deliver a uniform user experience regardless of whether they are using Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, Poly, Bluejeans or any other conferencing solution.  It will also provide a user with tools to schedule and manage the meeting room experience, provide analytics tools to help understand the usage, user behaviour, room utilisation and capacity.

According to Jamie Hanna, MD of Pixel Global AV: "We are delighted to partner with Synergy SKY who have an established global presence and a demonstrated reputation as a soft-ware partner and collaborator.  With analysts predicting that collaboration growth in Europe is expected to increase at a CAGR of 2.6%*, the Synergy SKY partnership will further facilitate the best solutions for an organisation with continued Work-from-Home strategies and to be cost-effective as a business,’ concluded Hanna."


* source: Avixa Forecast

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