Pixel Artworks launches mindfulness immersive experience at Outernet London

Pixel Artworks has unveiled a brand new immersive, mindfulness experience at Outernet London, drawing on the facility's LED screens, audio system and box breathing techniques to bring calm to commuters for free.

The installation marks Pixel Artworks' first immersive experience, utilising the box breathing technique alongside calming LED visuals and a relaxing audioscape that incorporates subtle breathing cues to encourage visitors to breath in and out. 

The free-to-experience setup can be found at Outernet London, a display installation that opened in the heart of London's West End in 2021.

The box breathing technique is considered method of breathing that requires four seconds of inhalation, four seconds of holding the breath and four seconds of exhalation . 

The experience will move to a new, larger area of Outernet in the future, offering a larger experience with a higher ceiling to showcase the soothing visuals. 

Riaz Farooq, creative director, Pixel Artworks, commented: "This is the first of many experiences that are opening to the public at Outernet London. The sound and visuals all follow the fundamental structure of the box breathing exercise that we are speaking to in the experience. Through the audio, we were able to structure the beats and bars and the tempo in line with that breathing technique. Everything is working together.

"A massive challenge was to create something that felt natural, even though it was such a simple concept. I'm very proud to have been proud of a project that focuses on the minutia, detail and beauty, and ultimately create something that gives back and allows people to enter the space and experience something of their own, taking it away with them as they leave."




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