Pioneer audio system powers multi-sensory Alpha Wave experience at Cosmic Serpent exhibition

Pioneer audio system powers multi-sensory Alpha Wave experience at Cosmic Serpent exhibition
A Pioneer Pro Audio CM-Series system brings visitors to a new world at a multi-sensory experience at the Lille3000 Cosmic Serpent exhibition, held in Lille, France.

The Cosmic Serpent exhibition, held at the Hospice Comtesse Museum, brings visitors into a multi-sensory journey through a range of artistic movements and practices, showcasing the role of artists’ perception on the day-to-day world. 

Part of the exhibition, DJ Dan Ghenacia’s collective Alpha Wave Experience, took this multi-sensory offering to the next level with a Pioneer immersive sound system. 

Alpha waves, between eight Hz and 12 Hz, are produced when a human is in a calm and relaxed state, with meditation believed to be the key to increasing the brain’s production of alpha waves for relaxation and rest. 

The Alpha Wave Experience sees up to 20 visitors lying down in a hybrid machine, called The Oracle, with Ghenacia’s soundscape using elements from nature to immerse the visitors, encouraging a state that fluctuates between meditation and psychedelic experience. 

To achieve this seamless, otherworldly state, CM-Series loudspeakers were used, mounted discreetly to maximise the visual aspect of the space of The Oracle. 

The 360 degrees immersive system for the space was designed by Javi Ferrer, Eurecat, and installed by Belgian installer, Discostore. 

20 Pioneer CM-S56T six-in surface mounted loudspeakers were attached to trussing, supported by four CM-510ST 10-in subwoofers positioned on the floor. The system is driven by five Powersoft Mezzo 604 AD amplifiers. 

Ghenacia commened: “Without the help of Pioneer PRO AUDIO we might have been restricted to using just a basic sound system or headphones, and The Oracle would not have been the same. To be honest, it was the support of Pioneer PRO AUDIO that finalised the approval of our participation in Lille3000.”