Peerless-AV debuts universal mounting system

Peerless-AV debuts universal mounting system
Peerless-AV has announced the global launch of its Seamless Kitted Universal series dvLED mounting system for latching displays, designed to streamline installation with wall templates and clamps.

The Universal dvLED mounting system is compatible with a range of flat-to-wall latching dvLED displays, designed to offer scalability and adjustability when installing flat-to-wall dvLED videowalls.

The mounting system offers display adaptors as well as X, Y and Z axis adjustment with ‘quick-connect’ clamps as well as wall templates to assist with installation.

The Seamless kit is currently available for Absen, Barco, InfiLED, LG Philips, Sharp/NEC, Sony and Unilumin models as well as similarly sized and configured cabinets from other manufacturers.

The mounting system features open architecture for ease of cable management and is available in black and silver colour options. An optional Trim Kit Accessory is also compatible with most displays.

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