Peerless-AV acquires ADF Visual Display Products

Peerless-AV acquires ADF Visual Display Products
Peerless-AV has announced that it has acquired dvLED construction specialist ADF Visual Display Products.

ADF’s engineering and manufacturing projects include a dvLED videowall installation at a sports book in Las Vegas, with a videowall measuring 140 m x 12 m high, with a total 1,680 dvLED displays configured as a flat to wall into a 90-degree concave curve.  
ADF also undertook a custom dvLED design for Peerless-AV, comprised of a 915 cabinet fully floating system attached to a university building wall in Morocco. 
Nick Belcore, executive vice president, Peerless-AV, commented: “Peerless-AV has long been the go-to provider as an infrastructure and accessory partner to the best in the industry, managing complex, competitive environments. We look forward to expanding our in-house capabilities to be a more agile and holistic partner for the totality of dvLED infrastructure needs.”

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