Peer Review: Beyerdynamic MCW-D 50

Peer Review: Beyerdynamic MCW-D 50
Beyerdynamic's MCW-D 50 is reviewed by Frank François, Senior account manager AVisie, The Netherlands.

The Product:
Beyerdynamic MCW-Digital 50 wireless conferencing system

What I use it for:
Flexible wireless conferencing system for town halls, conferencing rooms and boardrooms. Also used as a rental system for meetings, press conferencing, and presentations.

What we like about it:
It never lets you down! AVisie was one of the first adopters of the MCW-D system of beyerdynamic. Therefore we have a lot of projects realised with the product.
In all the projects we have done in the past it never gave us serious trouble. As long as you take care of a decent antenna set-up you will not face any problems.
The design blends very well in modern design as well as in classic town halls.
(It is an aspect that, for us as technical people, is not that important, but is essential in the overall decision as to which conferencing system has to be bought.)
The communication with other wireless 2.4 GHz products is without any problems and the communication with control systems is easy to handle. Finally I would like to mention that all the flight cases with charging devices, 19” mounting units and other accessories are well thought out.

What we would change:
There is not that much we would like to change but if I could state out our two wishes:
1) As you can see in the picture of the project “Geldermalsen” we often integrate the system in the existing furniture for a custom made solution. beyerdynamic could supply us with units as they have for the wired system for under table mounting!
2) A wireless version of the Revoluto line array microphone system would be nice because it will take away the obstructed view of the gooseneck microphone, combined with the known benefits of the MCW-D 50 system.

Where we recently installed it:
Recently we installed the beyerdynamic system in town halls in Geldermalsen, Vught, Den Helder, Zaltbommel and Leudal. Non-government organisations bought the MCW-D 50 system: NUON headquarters, KVK Amsterdam, Hogeschool Utrecht.
The systems vary from stand alone conferencing systems till larger integrated systems. We recently did a project with two MCW-D 50 systems and a MCS 50 system in a flexible room setup, combined with video conferencing and a control system.