Partnership creates 103” interactive plasma

AUTHOR: Inavate

PSCo has joined forces with U-Touch in a move claimed to create the largest interactive plasma screen available to date. The 103” Panasonic Plasma, fitted with an infra-red bezel surround, will target diverse applications including boardrooms, broadcast and schools.

The frame is retro-fitted over the plasma panel, which is designed to exactly match the look and feel of the original display. It will sit flush to the anti-reflective, anti-glare Panasonic glass panel.

“We are delighted about the partnership; we chose to collaborate with PSCo because they are focussed on a niche market,” said Liam Slattery, managing director of U-Touch.

He added: “They are experts in the distribution of the 103” plasma screen and they specialise in a concentrated amount of high quality products, which means they fully understand touch screen technology and its place in the market.”

Stuart Holmes, managing director of PSCo, said he was “excited about the partnership with U-Touch” explaining: “it allows the 103” to become more than just a plasma display, it transforms it into an interactive business tool, expanding our portfolio to incorporate the largest interactive plasma screen on the market”.

He continued: “I can see huge potential for this product in the UK, particularly on the rental market, as the applications are limitless.”

PSCo has also invested in U-Touch overlays for its 42” and 50” Panasonic plasma screens in its rental fleet.