Panasonic / NHK partner on 145 UHD plasma display

Panasonic / NHK partner on 145 UHD plasma display
Diginfo TV has reported that Japanese broadcast and technology giant NHK, and Panasonic, have partnered to produce the world's first ultra-high definition plasma display. The 145" monster panel may not be as big as the 152" panel that Panasonic has had on the market, but it does boast an eye-watering 7,860x4,320 resolution, currently dubbed "8K". Read on for a video, which even on an average PC monitor makes the quality of the display pretty clear.

Panasonic also had to develop a new drive system, which scans multiple pixels simultaneously in order to boost stability despite the massive size of the display, keeps things looking sharp and clear.

Now, at the moment there isn’t a great deal of 8k content out there, but as they saying goes, build it, and they will come. Indeed, the BBC has already announced that it will be broadcasting some of its Olympic coverage in 8K format.

Oh, and for those of you who can’t make it to Japan to take a look, word on the street is that it will be present at InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas.

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