Panasonic extends offset scheme to include displays

Panasonic extends offset scheme to include displays
Panasonic has extended its carbon offset scheme to include its professional display products. Offset for Life was launched in November 2010 to allow owners of its professional projectors to offset their carbon emissions.

Customers that signed up for Offset For Life invested in projects that are designed to aid the reduction of greenhouse gases and stimulate sustainability in Turkey, China and Ghana. The contribution to these programmes offsets the carbon emitted through usage of projectors and displays.

Now, customers can opt-in to the programme when purchasing professional Panasonic displays from a dealer. Panasonic suggests that the offset can be added to corporate carbon reduction targets and make positive contributions to Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

David Martin, European marketing GM for displays, said: “We understand that our customers in markets such as retail, education, corporate and the public sector are under huge pressure to reduce their impact, coupled with the ever increasing demand for higher brightness and larger screens.

"The Offset for Life programme is another major step towards this. By signing up, our customers will be able to ensure their own carbon footprints are reduced, as well as help contribute to more sustainable lifestyles in Turkey, China and Ghana.”