Panasonic and Xpand push 3D glasses standard

Panasonic and Xpand have joined forces to develop and promote a new standard, M-3DI, for 3D active-shutter glasses.

Changhong Electric Co., Ltd., FUNAI Electric Co., Ltd., Hisense Electric Co., Ltd., Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Seiko Epson Corporation, SIM2 Multimedia S.p.A. and ViewSonic Corporation all say they will support the standard.

Licensing of the M-3DI technology will start this month from M-3DI License Agent.

The M-3DI standard is also designed to assure consumers of quality control in the creation of 3D eyewear. Participants in the standard-making will publish the specification of the standard and will organize quality control testing and approval procedures.

Hirotoshi Uehara, director of the Television Business Unit, Visual Products and Display Devices Business Group of Panasonic’s AVC Networks Company, said: "We are excited to be joining Xpand 3D and the other participants of the M-3DI initiative to make full HD 3D TV even more widely accessible."

Maria Costeira, chief executive of Xpand, said: "M-3DI eliminates confusion [and] provides a strong, uniform performance standard."