PALME Middle East attracts Prysm, Extron

PALME Middle East attracts Prysm, Extron
Exhibitors of interest to those with a penchant for AV integration at PALME-Middle East are Extron Electronics and Prysm.

Display manufacturer Prysm will showcase its scalable and eco-friendly videowall product at PALME Middle East 2012, after a busy year in the region.

PALME visitors will have the chance to view a 6x4 videowall, alongside one of Prysm’s digital mannequin displays. The team will also be demonstrating multi channel content to enable integrators to view its performance in multiple applications.

Extron will give pride of place to its new XTP CrossPoint Systems and SME 100 live H.264 encoder for streaming audio, video and computer-video signals.

XTP CrossPoint matrix switchers represent a flexible and distribution concept, that provides a completely integrated solution for multiple digital and analogue formats. They support local connectivity as well as extended transmission capability for sending high resolution video, audio, RS-232, Ethernet, and power up to 330 feet (100m) over a single CAT 5-type cable.

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