Orion triumphs in burn-in battle

Orion triumphs in burn-in battle
An Orion Plasma screen is said to be the first panel to include technology designed to tackle the effects of screen burn. UK distributors of the screen, PSCo, took the opportunity to demonstrate Burn-In Compensation (BIC) at a showcase of its products in London on June 10, 2008.

The technology, developed by German company Comotronix, is incorporated in the Orion Infinite Plasma 4230 model and is claimed to extend screen life by monitoring the usage of every sub-pixel in the display.

An historical usage map is built up and the accumulated data is combined into subsequent images to effectively mask any uneven ageing effects in real time.

Ed Martin, technical manager of PSCo, demonstrated the effects of BIC and highlighted its uses. He pinpointed the rental market and described applications where screens had been scrapped due to the effects of burn-in.

In addition, BIC is claimed to keep colours accurate and consistent during the mid and later stages of a products lifetime.

Martin said: “BIC technology virtually eradicates the effects of screen burn, allowing plasma displays to effectively outperform LCD in the digital signage environment”.

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