Organiser announces dates for ISE 2021

Organiser announces dates for ISE 2021
The dates for ISE 2021 have been announced, the show will take place in Barcelona on 1-4 June 2021 – what does this mean for you?

With ISE rescheduling to June next year, the hopes for a 2021 event are greater than ever… but there’s still a lot of questions. We’ll try and answer some… and ask a few more.

Why now?
In reality most of the industry was expecting some sort of change to ISE 2021 due to Covid-19 and, despite a huge upheaval for organisers and exhibitors, a shift to later in the year was shaping up to be the best chance ISE had to hold a successful event. 

On Monday this week rumours started to swirl that the show would shift to June, most likely following a leak from someone within, or close to, the ISE camp. Organisers had to move swiftly, initially with a statement to confirm rumours and by yesterday to take charge of the situation and confirm new show dates of June 1 to 4. 

While ISE had clearly either made final arrangements to move, or were very close to confirming them, there’s little doubt they would have preferred to manage the announcement on their own terms. The logistics of moving a show of that size are difficult and made more complicated by the likelihood that Mobile World Congress, a much larger show currently due to take place at the same venue March 1 to 4, is probably looking to move too. 

What about the Inavation Awards?
Well, they’re moving too. We have held a successful virtual event for the inaugural Inavate APAC Awards but we do want the Inavation Awards to be a physical event. We’re facing the same safety requirements and potential for disruption that forced the move for ISE so a change in dates makes sense for us. 

And, the Inavation Awards is a major part of ISE and that’s not going to change. So the Awards will still be held in Barcelona, on the first evening of the show: June 1, 2021. This has changed all our entry and eligibility deadlines (lucky you!)  - find out more here

Isn’t ISE now rather close to InfoComm?
Yes, InfoComm 2021 is scheduled to be held in Orlando, June 16 to 18. There’s less than two weeks between ISE finishing and InfoComm starting. But, in the current climate that’s probably going to be less of a concern than you might imagine. 

In all likelihood we’ll still be dealing with Covid-19 and its fallout. At worst that’s going to be travel bans and quarantines. At best we’re still expecting to see an increased reluctance to travel, travel costs increased, more limited travel options. The world is likely to get more local for a while and that’s going to be reflected in trade shows. International press like Inavate EMEA, Inavate APAC and HiddenWires will have to play an even greater role in highlighting new technology to an international market – we’re here for you guys!

That’s going to have a knock-on effect for exhibitors. Some larger international companies will have the local teams and equipment to have a good presence at both shows, for others that’s not going to be possible and choices will need to be made. 

Talking of exhibitors, what if they can’t or don’t want to move to June?
That’s something we’re still waiting to hear about. With exhibitors now in the loop undoubtedly those questions will be being raised (and debated!). 

Those that want to and are able to make the shift are being assured that any hotel bookings made for February will have the rates held over the June dates. 

Oh yeah, hotels! Aren’t they expensive in Barcelona in June?
Well yes, Barcelona is a popular tourist destination and June is a popular month to go. On a normal year the June dates here would be problematic with inflated hotel costs; streets, bars and restaurants packed with tourists; not to mention there’s a major music festival in the city over the same time frame. But, we don’t expect 2021 to be a normal year so it’s actually anyone’s guess how that one is going to play out. Visitors may be able to take advantage of competition across a hospitality industry still not operating near full capacity.

Won’t it be hot?
Er yeah, but not as hot as Las Vegas, not as muggy as Orlando and isn’t it time we got some sun after years of Amsterdam in February? 

And 2022? 
ISE has confirmed to us that it will revert to its February dates in 2022. 

Why are people saying ISE 2021 is cancelled?
We can’t understand where this rumour has come from. ISE is not cancelled; it’s very much still in business. ISE 2021 is not currently cancelled; the event is still due to take place in 2021. If that happens then ISE will be one of the only major trade shows not to miss an event in a calendar year. So – we don’t know why that’s circulated… probably just clickbait... don't get snared! 

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