Optocore provides infrastructure for SEA Games

AUTHOR: Inavate

Optocore’s solutions were deployed at the National Stadium in Singapore for the SEA Games. The ring system at the venue was designed by The Show Company who made a recent invenstment with local distributors Total Solution Marketing.

The Show Company was contracted by Sports SG, and it added 8 x X6R-FX-8AE/8LO Optocore converters along with 3 x X6R-FX-16MI, 2 x X6R-TP-16MI, 5 x X6R-TP-16LO interfaces, with a central DD8RP repeater to its existing stock. This enabled them to create a fibre backbone at the newly constructed 55,000-seat Singapore Sports Hub.

Joseph Gan from The Show Company said: “Optocore is a very stable and easily expandable system — ideal for large scale deployment such as this. The scale and the importance of the audio support for the Games made it mandatory to have a large dual redundant ring system as nothing is allowed to fail.”

All 18 devices were connected in the loop, including 11 X6R-FX devices, set in 11 locations in the stadium. The entire audio system set-up is based on Optocore devices as the main frame, and all audio signals in the stadium (amplifiers, amplifier remote, wireless mics, band mics etc) were routed through the Optocore network.