Opticis acquires LB Lusem's cable businesss

Opticis acquires LB Lusem
Opticis has announced the completion of the acquisition of LB Lusem with regards to its production of Active Optical Cables (AOC).

In a statemnet relased to the proess the company said; "In past years, Opticis has expanded our business in AOC market with our purpose to provide high quality video transmission through fiber with more attractive price. Our decision to acquire LB Lusem brings us one step closer to accomplishing such goal. LB Lusem had been an impressive manufacturer in AOC market with its great capacity of mass production of cables with extremely low defect rate. We expect significant growth opportunities in our AOC business as we have acquired not only tangible assets, but also intangible assets, including technical know-how of its business success. We strongly believe that our carefully thought decision of this acquisition will strengthen our role in fiber optic industry to supply better solution."

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