Oots returns to The Whitlock Group

Oots returns to The Whitlock Group
Ken Oots has been appointed manager of Conferencing and Global Business Development at The Whitlock Group

The audio and video systems integration firm welcomes Whitlock, a previous employee, back with 12 years of technology sales experience under his belt. He will support the company’s conferencing division and global enterprise accounts.

Oots’ previous role with the company was as a subject matter expert where he was responsible for sales management of the entire company portfolio with emphasis on videoconferencing products.

From there he became a district sales manager at Sprint before moving to Time Warner Commercial Services where he was a commercial sales manager. Ken left Brightline, an international company that provides lighting solutions for television production and videoconferencing industries, to return to The Whitlock Group. His responsibilities at Brightline as sales manager for the Southern states included managing audiovisual integration channels for videoconferencing and production lighting. Ken graduated from the University of North Carolina – Wilmington with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Kirk Muffley, director of Conferencing and Global Business Development for The Whitlock Group, said, “Ken is a true professional and a great addition to our team. His experience with enterprise organisations and global business pursuits will bring immediate benefit to our prospects and current Whitlock customers.”