One million flat panel displays sold in 2012

One million flat panel displays sold in 2012
One million interactive whiteboard and flat panel displays were sold in 2012 and there was a 15% rise in sales to the education and corporate sectors, according to Futuresource Consulting.

With China becoming the world’s biggest market for the technology for the first time, Asia saw the most staggering levels of growth. A 70% rise translated to the best ever year for sales in that region. Futuresource is expecting that the huge education tenders will continue. India also experienced a substantial quarter, with more than 100% increase in the year.

The market continued to fall in the USA with volumes falling to 27% below 2011. The education market is expected to continue to drop over the next few years.

EMEA experienced a 24% annual growth and the largest year for sales with Russia almost doubling its 2011 levels.

The UK finished the year with an annual growth of 7%, the first rise in that market for seven years.