OLED will be $6 billion market

OLED will be $6 billion market
OLED revenues are poised to rocket in the next few years and will be worth $6 billion (€4.7 billion) in 2015, according to a DisplaySearch report. The Texas based display research specialist said whilst many segments of the display market were struggling, Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes (AMOLEDs) experienced a 110 per cent revenue increase in 2008.

“AMOLED is making up for the slowdown in Passive Matrix (PM)OLED over the past year,” noted Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, DisplaySearch’s director of Display Technologies. “Going forward, it will be important for OLEDs to find a niche market where it will be difficult for LCDs to compete, such as flexible or transparent displays, or lighting. OLED developers should also look for opportunities to combine their technology with other hot technologies, such as touch screens.”

OLED displays accrued revenues of $591 million and accounted for less than one per cent of total flat panel display revenue in 2008. DisplaySearch forecasts it will reach five per cent in 2015, experiencing a 40 per cent CAGR in revenues, compared to the three per cent CAGR predicted for the total flat panel display market.

DisplaySearch suggested that in order to succeed, AMOLED manufacturers need to secure large, stable customers and must reduce cost by increasing yields.

PMOLED revenues peaked at $450 million in 2006, fell to $390 million in 2007 and fell again to an estimated $370 million in 2008. The research body suggested that diversified products and customers are the key to maintaining shipments.

OLED lighting has many advantages such as its high-energy efficiency, is thin and lightweight; and has area surface lighting in flexible or rigid form factors. However, DisplaySearch pinpointed many hurdles it has to overcome including high manufacturing costs, ability to mass produce and maintaining energy efficiency and uniformity as the size increases.

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