OLED at 60% of LCD cost

AUTHOR: Inavate

A dramatic drop in the cost of OLED displays could be on the horizon thanks to an OLED printing technology currently being tested by California based Kateeva. The startup company told the MIT Technology Review that its equipment could print OLED displays for 60 per cent of the cost of LCDs. The large area OLED printers should be sent for testing by display manufacturers next year.

The company’s proprietary printing technology is exclusively licensed from the Massachusetts' Institute of Technology (MIT). The Institute explains in its Technology Review that all OLED displays are currently manufactured by an expensive small-scale technique called shadow-mask evaporation. The article claims that other efforts to find techniques capable of large-scale manufacture have impacted negatively on display performance and lifetime.

For a Technology Review video explaining the manufacturing technique behind the OLED manufacture click here.