OLED as cheap as newsprint

OLED as cheap as newsprint
Forget about video ads in printed magazines, in the future newsagents' shelves and newspaper stands may be filled with complete video publications. Researchers from the Riken Center in Japan claim to have developed a technique that can manufacture OLED as cheaply as printing a newspaper. The development was announced by Japanese research organisation, Riken Research.

The researchers acknowledge that the electrospray-deposition technique they are using isn’t new but claim their revolutionary ‘dual solvent’ technique improves the method to produce polymer films to a point where they can compete with other fabrication techniques.

In an article titled ‘Smoothing the way to superior screens’, the method is described as "a double-solvent concept" that makes "electrospray-deposited films smoother than before, thereby enabling superior devices to built".

Yutaka Yamagata, of the Riken Centre for Intellectual Property Strategies, was quoted as saying: "We have discovered a range of conditions using a two-solvent method that can make extremely smooth thin films using electoscopy deposition. Using this technology these devices could be manufactured as inexpensively as printing newspapers."

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