Offices adopt gaming technology

AUTHOR: Inavate

Microsoft is moving Project Natal into the office, demonstrating that interactive gesture recognition technology isn’t reserved for gamers. The project, unveiled in June at a gaming exhibition, uses microphones, a camera and a depth sensor to allow players to control a game with their body instead of a controller. Now, Microsoft has revealed a Windows solution that is set to transform the way an office works.

Following revelations that extending the technology to PCs could drastically revolutionise working practices, Microsoft held a demonstration of possible uses. The company showed how multiple touchscreens, combined with voice and gesture control, could create a futuristic office environment.
Technology review site, CNET reported from the Washington demonstration saying that it included hologram-like videoconferencing, a virtual digital assistant and multiple surface computers, along with voice-, touch- and gesture-recognition technology.
The demonstration depicted an office that would completely immerse employees, with a multi-touch surface computer as a desk and displays for office walls. This creates a hugely versatile environment as the wall displays can act as a virtual window or extra workspace. Microsoft demonstrated workspace options, transforming the walls into a collection of digital photos and a corkboard of sticky notes. The demonstrator also used depth cameras to place himself within an architectural demonstration. He was then able to virtually walk around a building concept.