Odeon Oslo is the world's first 5G-based movie theatre

Odeon Oslo is the world
Mobile oberators around the world are beginning to run tests of 5G networks. One such pilot is being run for the Odeon cinema chain, which has begun using 5G in its newest cinema in Oslo, Norway. Odeon is testing 5G for delivery of digital movie files, as well as providing internet access to its guest Wi-Fi zones in the building, making Odeon Oslo the world's first 5G-based movie theatre.

Jon Einar Sivertsen, CCO at Odeon Norway, told ZDNet the project is very much a test; "Using 5G instead of traditional internet lines is giving us higher capacity than we're used to.

"We have redundancy via normal lines, so we're not dependent on the 5G network now. But it's been shown that 5G is giving us download rates we normally wouldn't get. We transfer the movies to local servers, so playback happens locally, even though we've tested live streaming, which also works excellently."

"We're starting the 5G development from a customer perspective, and explore use cases and service scenarios first, and develop the technology from that," said Abraham Foss, CEO of Telia Norway in a statement.

"That way, we can identify customer demands and address business opportunities. We will develop 5G-based solutions industry by industry and area by area."

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