Norwegian office opens which will generate more power over its lifetime than it consumes

Powerhouse Brattørkaia energy positive building

A landmark office building has opened in Norway. Powerhouse Brattørkaia will generate more energy in its operational phase than it consumes through the production of building materials, construction, operation and disposal of the building.

Powerhouse is the result of a collaboration between real estate company Entra, construction and development company Skanska, environmental organisation ZERO, Snøhetta architects, and consultants Asplan Viak.

The building has been designed purely based on environmental requirements. The exterior of the building is full of solar panels including a sloping roof that faces south for maximum exposure.

Inside, special concrete helps regulate the temperature, and the floors and offices are designed to efficiently circulate hot and cold air. The building is also situated along the waterfront, and sea water will also be used to cool the building.