Nokia launches mobile with projection-mapping and light show

Nokia launches mobile with projection-mapping and light show
Projection mapping joined stunning visual effects and a Deadmau5 DJ set to transform a London street when Nokia launched its Lumia mobile phone in the UK on November 28, 2012. Bluman Associates provided projection requirements and oversaw technical production for a live webcast and post event video. Projectors, concealed within the upper rooms of a pub, spanned five 40m wide buildings.

The Canadian DJ performed for 600 invited guests from the top of a Southwark roof where shop fronts, street signs and bill boards were replaced with Nokia branding.

Projecting on to the buildings proved the most challenging aspect of the event for Bluman as they had to fire on to walls from irregular angles. The projections picked out existing features of the buildings including windows and even graffiti.

Giant disco balls hung from two forklifts while street lights, hanging baskets, market stalls, grit boxes, wheelie bins and parked motorcycles were set up with LED lighting so that they came to life in time with the Deadmau5 set.

Lead agency Mission worked with ML Studio, who programmed the projections, and Bluman Associates to deliver the event.

Pod Bluman, managing director of Bluman Associates, said: "The audience didn’t know what to expect next or where to turn, as every fixture that people are used to seeing in the street on a daily basis had been transformed into a piece of the performance."

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