NMK Electronics, Epson, and Igloo Vision partner on immersive technology centre

NMK Electronics, Epson, and Igloo Vision partner on immersive technology centre
Epson and Igloo Vision have come together to create a new immersive workspace, located at NMK Electronics' showroom in Dubai, UAE.

AV integrators and companies looking for transformative office technology can visit the immersive room which boasts floor projection and is powered by the Igloo Vision software suite and the latest in Epson projection technology. 

The new workspace at NMK is the newest demo centre in the Middle East where Igloo technology can be experienced. These types of immersive workspaces are used for a wide range of applications by organisations around the world, including the likes of Accenture, SNC-Lavalin Atkins, bp, and over 50 universities.  

"We’ve been working in the Middle East for several years now, but until now we didn’t have a permanent location for integrators to visit,” said Jake Rowland, head of business development EMEA at Igloo Vision. “So, we’re delighted to showcase our technology in partnership with Epson’s advanced projectors, at a hub of a technology like NMK’s showrooms. We already have a long list of integrators excited to learn how they can use this technology to create outstanding corporate installations for their clients.” 

The immersive workspace features several of the newest Epson projectors, including the 10,000-lumen EB-PU2010B projector, with ELPLX02 ultra-short-throw lenses and ELPLU03 short-throw lenses, mounted using Peerless AV brackets. The projectors create a seamless, high-resolution, immersive display across three walls and the floor as well.

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