NMK Electronics Enterprises and Music Group end partnership

NMK Electronics Enterprises and Music Group end partnership
Nicolas M Kyvernitis Electronics Entreprises (NMK) and Music Group have announced that they have terminated their Midas distribution agreement in the Middle East region by mutual consent after 20 years of partnership. Following the announcement, Music Group has since unveiled Prolab as its new distributor.

The agreement was officially terminated on August 22, 2016. NMK had previously been responsible for sales and promotion and marketing of Midas digital and analog consoles in the Middle East from 1996, and was recognised as Midas ‘Distributor of the Year’ on multiple occasions.

Constantinos Drimakis, Operations Manager at NMK, commented: “We are proud of the achievements we had accomplished while developing Midas brand in the region. Our team’s efforts managed to position the consoles at the install market increasing the number of technical riders with Midas digital consoles for the tours across GCC. Midas acquisition by Music Group presented new opportunities, but also new business strategy and philosophy which slowly separated both companies.”

Dubai-based Prolab will take over distribution in the Middle East, overseeing brands including Midas and Klarkteknik, in addition to continuing to offer the Turbosound range.  

Farid Dagher, operations manager at Prolab, said: “We have witnessed the devotion that Music has for customer experience and product innovation – this is what makes this relationship a must for us.”

Speaking on the move, Music Group’s senior director of touchpoint Europe, Simon Godfrey said: “Music is dedicated to pairing with the best distributors globally and our new vertical market strategy is designed to deliver complete product solutions. Prolab have exceeded expectations for our Turbosound brand in the last 12 months and this is testament to their sheer enthusiasm for Music products. Now with Midas and Klark Tenknik in the mix, we are set for an extremely exciting partnership going forward.”

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