NMK Electronics adds Xten-AV platform to product portfolio


Middle East distributors NMK has added Xten-AV to its portfolio, and will be offering the platform for AV design projects in the GCC.

The product is a cloud-based software platform with AI and machine learning to develop a complete AV system design based on AVIXA published standards and design guidelines.

"As a company they have really heard what the market needs and has reacted to build a spot-on solution steering towards the future of AV design," said Dino Drimakis, business development manager at NMK Electronics.

"We are glad to have partnered with NMK Electronics for the GCC Region. In collaboration with NMK Electronics, we hope to deepen our relationship with our GCC customers and prospects. NMK Electronics' wide reach and relationships in the region along with their experience of distributing some of the best AV brands will bring a lot of exposure to XTEN-AV. This is our first appointment of an international distributor and we could not have partnered with a better organization. We are really looking forward to this", said Vibhav and Sahil, co-founders of Xten-AV.