Nine in ten people want to keep working remotely

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9 in 10 people in the UK who worked remotely during the Covid-19 outbreak want to continue to stay away from the office, according to research conducted by two UK universities.

Working from home grew from a tiny 6% of people at the start of the pandemic to 43% in April says the report by Darja Reuschke (University of Southampton) and Alan Felstead (Cardiff University) called Homeworking in the UK: before and during the 2020 lockdown.

The survey spoke to more than 6,000 UK residents.

88% said they would like to continue working remotely, with 46% expressing a desire to do it 'often' or 'all of the time'.

One aspect of home working that has always been quered is productivity, are workers as productive at home as they are in an office? well it seems they are, nearly half (41%) said they got as much work done at home as they did six months earlier in office environments.

More than a quarter (29%) said they got more done at home, while only 30% said their productivity had fallen.