Nilsson to head up d&b as Lange steps down

Nilsson to head up d&b as Lange steps down
Jens Nilsson will take the reigns of d&b audiotenchnik after being appointed CFO and MD of the audio manufacturer on December 1, 2017.

He takes over from CFO Kay Lange, who is stepping down after 31 years with d&b, and will work alongside CEO Amnon Harman and COO Markus Strohmeier. Lange remains available for d&b until the end of 2018 to ensure a secure handover.

Harman said: “Kay Lange’s contribution to the growth, successes and spirit of d&b audiotechnik can’t be valued highly enough. We owe him a lot.

“We look forward to working with Jens Nilsson as new CFO at d&b audiotechnik. He has the right experience to strengthen the management team on its way from a loudspeaker systems manufacturer to become an audio technology and solution company,” he added. 

Nilsson will be responsible for finance, sales finance, IT and facility management. He has worked in management roles finance and controlling, as well as sales and marketing. 

d&b detailed Lange’s achievements:"Kay Lange (58) joined d&b in 1986 when the company, and its then 10 co-workers, had just moved from a garage into a former furniture shop. With a diploma in technically oriented Business Administration from the University of Stuttgart, he soon became the financial mastermind of the start-up. In 1989, when the number of co-workers had raised to more than 20, Lange had three months to find a new location, successfully finding the Backnang premises, a former spinning company of Eugen Adolff. This decision still pays off today, as d&b continues to expand its 25,000 m2 headquarters, with over 350 co-workers in Backnang. 

"Among Lange’s long list of other achievements, the one that stands out is the d&b Finance-Series. In 2009, d&b introduced a sales financing program with international scope transferring approaches e.g. of the automotive industry to the pro-audio industry."

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