Next-generation LCD is super thin

Next-generation LCD is super thin
JVC will unveil next-generation "super-thin" LCD technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. The company says that the significant reduction in thickness and weight allow much greater flexibility in the design and layout of commercial (and household) residential environments. The technology will be shown to selected guests in a private suite and will be demonstrated in the form of a 32" TV.

Key features of the new technology according to JVC, are as follows:

+ The integration of a new optical system and modular LCD construction have made the display just 7mm thick and 5kg in weight.

+ The technology uses about 50% less materials and 10% fewer LCD module parts than current comparable JVC displays, while maintaining optical intensity and low heat radiation. Notably, the use of LED as the light source eliminates the need for mercury, significantly improving the environment credentials of the display.

Super-Thin LCD is seen as a potential challenger to OLED in the larger format display market. Several products impressed visitors at IFA with all the major vendors, notably Samsung, making big splashes with next-generation LCD products. Sony is prefering to focus on OLED as a technology. While Samsung, which shares an OLED manufacturing site with Sony, is continuing to develop both streams.

Whilst this is a demo of a consumer product don’t be under any illusions that Super-Thin LCD could be a significant tech for the commercial space as vendors currently have difficulty replicating the brightness of LED-lit LCD with OLED at the larger sizes (40"+).

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