Next 'disruptive technology' will emerge from US

The next disruptive technology breakthrough will come out of the United States according to a recent survey by KPMG.

More than 800 technology business leaders worldwide were asked to identify disruptive technologies and innovation trends to inform the advisory firm’s Global Technology Innovation survey.

KPMG canvassed opinion from technology industry start-ups, mid-sized to large enterprises, venture capital firms and angel investors.

This year China slipped from its top spot with the US when 37% of respondents said the US shows the most promise for disruptive breakthroughs.

China followed with 24%, 10% predicted India, followed by Korea (7%), Japan (6%) and Israel (6%). The UK was named by only 1% of respondents as a future hotspot for the next disruptive breakthrough and ranks number nine in the list jointly with Russia. 

This year the survey included a confidence index gauging each country’s prospects for tech innovation. The index is based on tech leaders in each market rating their country on ten success factors including talent, infrastructure, incentives, and capital.
India grabbed the country lead with an index of 72. The country’s technology leaders gave high marks for talent, mentoring, ability to drive customer adoption, technology breakthroughs, and technology infrastructure with the lowest rating reserved for government incentives. 

Israel ranked second (71 points), while the US came third (65 index points). The UK reached 50 index points ranking 9th, suggesting UK tech executives are generally less happy than tech executives in other leading economies about their access to key resources, such as capital, talent and tech infrastructure.

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