Nexo GEO S12 demo day announced

Nexo GEO S12 demo day announced
Nexo is hosting its first-ever UK demonstration day on Thursday 25 February, marking the arrival of a GEO S12 demo rig in the country. The event, which will be staged at the Redditch HQ of SSE Audio Group, is still open to interested parties so please contact Gareth Collyer of Nexo UK to book a place.

A testing examination of Nexo speakers will be conducted, including the GEO S12 popular compact line array modules, and the new PS-R2 Series. The systems will be demonstrated with different consoles, a Digidesign Profile and a Yamaha M7CL, so as to provide a direct comparison.

Visitors to HQ will also be able to check out Nexo’s new RS15 Sub, and maybe even the new RS18 – becoming the first people from outside Nexo’s Paris factory to do so! Other technologies to explore include the powerful Nexo NXAMPs, and the remote control/monitoring program Auvitran EtherSound Monitor. Lunch is provided.

Gareth Collyer, NEXO UK gareth.collyer(at)

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