New Sennheiser selective distribution policy is no joke

New Sennheiser selective distribution policy is no joke
Sennheiser has introduced a new, selective, distribution system with effect from April 1st 2013. Under the policy, only authorised partners and distributors will be able to purchase products from the Sennheiser sales organisation.

Partners will be invited to join the programme via their regular sales representative. There is no cost to the reseller to join the programme and upon signing of a contract authorised partners receive a seal of quality, which they are entitled to use in advertising collateral. They will also receive a unique code to be used when making purchasers from Sennheiser or its authorised distributors. Participating companies will be able to have their staff product trained as well.

Initially, the policy will affect Europe, but will be rolled out world wide at a later date.

Commenting on why the new policy had been introduced, Gerhard Tammen, Sennheiser’s VP of sales for EMEA said: “This way we can ensure that distribution standards are the same all over Europe and that end customers everywhere receive the excellent quality of service they expect from Sennheiser.”

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